Thursday, September 27, 2007

Potshots at the Elderly

OMFG, I love Deirdre.

Yet another Actual Conversation -

While discussing Halloween, I asked Deirdre what she wanted to be. Since she's five, it's always iffy if she'll even remember what a specific holiday IS, much less be sure about a costume. But I couldn't resist showing her this Zombie Doctor costume, and asking if she liked it.
She stared for a moment, and I realized I might be screwing with the careful explanations of physical and spiritual aspects of death that we've given her, so I felt obliged to add
"This is like, a bad ghost that got inside a gross old dead person, who's been in the ground and had worms eating them."
Deirdre, being Deirdre immediately replied
"Yeah! Like Grandaddy!"


Honestly, that child has been zinging her grandad, left and right, lately. I even asked her "Are you SURE that THIS looks like Grandaddy?" and she insisted "Yes! It looks like his face right there."


Crabby said...

Yanno, I hate to be picky here but that dude has one hell of a suntan for a dead guy.

The Husband said...

Well, that's it.

We have to shoot dad in the head.
Its the only way to be sure.

S E E Quine said...

` Whaaa haaa haaaa!

` Speaking of Halloween, I'm going to be the Mad Scientist in a Corn Maze of Doom. Last year, a little boy came in on (presumably) his dad's shoulders and the dad said, 'hey, look, it's a shop teacher'.
` I said. "That's right. I'm a shop teacher who makes my worst students into things."
` The boy said, "Can you make me into a lizard?"
` Bwaaa haaa!