Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Pimpin' and Introducing a New Ho'

Okay, here's where I sell you guys something you're REALLY gonna like -

Since this is my first truly public-public blog, I am, of course, taking up the sport of Extreme Blog Pimping. For those of you who love me, and want to help out, you can go favorite this blog on Technorati, or give it the thumbs up with your StumbleUpon toolbar, just to name a couple of examples. You can also link to it, email it to friends, or tattoo the url on your ass - all are Good and Appreciated Friendly Things To Do. Although...if you do chose the tattoo option, I'd really like some photographic proof.

So...I'm straight pimpin'. And along the way, I found another service, The point of which, is to trade off blog reviews. Now, I've seen a lot of people who do this, and make it just damned annoying - they spend so much time reviewing strangers that any idea of content falls right by the wayside. I saw a lot of this, when I started flipping through blogs, looking for someone I'd actually like to review. People tend to be lame, and thus, people who tend to blog, tend to be just as lame, so I sifted through HEAPS of crap, feeling ever more discouraged, as I passed by blogs full of ads, blogs on blogging, blogs on blogs on blogging, and one lady who was WAY too excited about Jesus.
I was just about to give up, and feeling pretty good about the fact that I don't suck half as bad as much of the blogging universe, when I found one last blog...

Crabby's Cowpie Field

And BY GOD, I am thrilled to review this woman.
ALL OF YOU MUST READ HER NOW. I cannot stress this enough - your life will be forever less fullfilling, if you do not. If you like me, I guarantee you will love her.

So there I was, surfing hopelessly through piles of crap. And then there was this crazy redhaired lady, or, as she so eloquently put it: a "56 year old woman in menopause serving no particular purpose in life." That got a chuckle. But it was when I scrolled down, and saw she actually had a journal tag for "butt hair," that I became truly Intrigued.
The more I read, the more I realized "This woman is ME, only with fewer diapers and more hot flashes." And I have to admit, I like that idea. And the hair; she's giving me terrible urges to dye mine, again.

Right: Crabby, spying on and happily blogging her sister's attempt to pee, during a recent hospital stay. Because what good is the pain of others, if it does not provide entertainment value?

Down to brass tacks -
It's a great read, and pretty consistent, with that Greatness. Crabby is one hell of a funny lady, and one you'll wish you knew in person, if for no other reason than just to see her live, in action.
Aesthetically, her blog is delightfully tacky, and one is left feeling unsure if she actually likes cows, or is just overly fond of bullshit. The only real gripe I can make, is that I still can't find a subscribe link, anywhere, and so I have to count on my ever-faultier memory, to guide me back.
Most importantly, I would not be recommending this blog, if I didn't love it. You're gonna love it, too, so go take a stroll in the Cowpie Field.

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Kristi said...

That blog is pretty freakin hilarious. Here's another one that I sometimes read. You may enjoy it in the few minutes of quiet time you have these days...